Brown Basmati Rice in a Parsi Lunch
February 4, 2013

We went for a delicious Parsi lunch at a friend’s house yesterday.  Lunch included brown basmati rice, cooked so right and tasting so nice.  Brown basmati rice is as aromatic as the white variety.  Nutritionally, it’s as good as the other varieties of brown rice.  More nutritious than the white rice varieties, though.  With its bran and germ layer intact, brown rice adds more nutrients to your plate than white rice.  Try brown rice at least once….and you might change over from the white variety permanently.


3 thoughts on “Brown Basmati Rice in a Parsi Lunch

  1. This brown basmati is quite fragrant indeed! Eating it doesn’t feel too different from the regular white basmati either. I think you’ve answered the whole rice question, …..just go in for brown or red more often….white only occasionally. And there are other whole grains out there, we can make the effort to include a variety of whole grains!

    • I am a huge garlic fan as well. I don’t just love how it tatess, I actually adore how it smells. I don’t know if they have them in Maryland but twice last year I went to garlic festivals which were really fun: lots of tasting booths and opportunities to get garlic cooking products (I got garlic vinegar, garlic cheese and garlic/pepper salsa)

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