Sandhya Oza’s Curry Classes
February 14, 2013

Meet Sandhya Oza, a smart, young model, mother of two, who is pursuing her passion for cooking by running Indian cookery classes called Curry Classes.  She started Curry Classes when she lived in England to teach the locals healthy Indian style cooking.  She was interviewed on BBC Essex Radio.  After moving to Bangalore, she continues to teach simple and easy cooking from scratch, using only farm fresh produce and chicken.  Curry Classes are run in Whitefield, Bangalore.  Do get in touch with her at

Sandhya shares one of her Curry Classes recipes with us –

Vegetable Ginger Soup (serves 1)
One big bowl of vegetables of your choice.  I put tomato, dudhi (bottle gourd), carrot, onion, ginger and pepper.  2 whistles in a cooker and blitz it.  Salt to taste and 1/4 teaspoon of sugar, blitz it and boil again.  You can add garlic too if you wish.