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December 27, 2017

A very dear friend of mine, Chandra Gopalan, gave a TED talk at Christ University in Bangalore, recently.  Check out the you tube video at http://youtu.be/K_ssXqX4Oo0 Chandra Gopalan

Very modestly she talks about her achievements as a marathoner, and goads the audience to take up challenges with single mindedness.  Although a mole-hill at times may seem like a mountain, the mind is capable of overcoming obstacles not only in running marathons but also other life situations.  Chandra Gopalan

I’m truly proud to be her friend and very inspired by her achievements!  Cheers to Chandra!!

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May 1, 2013

Yesterday, as a panelist in a health program on News 9 television channel, I had the opportunity to meet another panelist who’s popularly known as GoGreen Rao.  His real name is Prabhakar Rao but ever since he founded the environment-friendly cyclists group called Go Green in 2008, his nickname has become GoGreen Rao.  Rao briefly spoke about his initiative, about how cycling is great for health, and how this movement has grown to over 2000 members in Bangalore.  With a mission statement “Say No to CO2 (carbon dioxide) and Yes to C2O (Cycle 2 Office)”, it is heartening to note that on an average about 40% of the members of GoGreen group cycle to work everyday.  Rao says that this number is increasing day after day. He has taken this initiative to many companies in Bangalore and other metros in India.

Thumbs up to Rao and his movement GoGreen!!  Hopefully we’ll have a greener and cleaner Bangalore and India in the near future!!!  Visit the website www.gogreengocycling.org to know more.

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