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September 26, 2013

Yesterday, I delivered a talk on nutrition and wellness to a group of engineers in Calcutta.  While talking about fats and oils, one person in the audience said that Bengalis use a lot of oil because it gives taste to the food; so it’s difficult to reduce oil intake.  In response to this, another person in the audience narrated her learning – She watched a cookery show on television by the celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor.  During the show, the chef noticed that a participant used a lot of oil in her dish.  When the chef asked her why, she said that oil enhances the taste of the dish.  Then Sanjeev Kapoor asked her if oil is tasty, can she eat oil as is?  The participant replied in the negative.  The chef responded that oil is not the taste enhancer.

I agree with this statement.  Oil does not provide the entire taste to a dish.  Taste comes from herbs, spices, fresh ingredients, etc. Fortunately Indian cuisine uses a large variety of spices which enhance flavour of every dish in which they are added. 

So, cut back on your total fat / oil intake for better health!

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September 18, 2013

The Bangalore Chapter of the Indian Dietetic Association will celebrate 50 years of its existence by organising a Nutrition Expo on Saturday, September 21, 2013.  The expo is open to all and the entrance is free.  It will be held on the lawns of Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore from 11 am to 4 pm.  The expo will be inaugurated by the celebrity international athlete, Ms Reeth Abraham.

Visitors to the expo can avail of free blood sugar check, blood pressure, body weight.  There will also be educational material, games and quizzes on nutrition.  You can meet dietitians and get tips from them.

Do come along and bring your family, friends and neighbours as well.  Hope to see you on Saturday.

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September 16, 2013

If you’re wondering why I’m writing on cancer in quick succession, it’s because the seminar on cancer that I attended recently was excellent and I want to share with you a couple of useful things.

Apart from the usual medical approach to cancer treatment, it was amazing to learn about holistic therapies that promote healing of cancer.  Hypnotherapy impressed me.  Vidya Ramaswamy, a psychologist, and her team use hypnotherapy to promote cancer healing.  According to this form of treatment, emotions in the sub-conscious mind can sometimes deter the healing process.  Dealing with these emotions through hypnosis helps in cancer care much better.

Nilima and Vijay Bhat, organisers of this seminar, have a website   This website is a guide to various approaches to cancer.  This couple also coaches people on how to deal with cancer, and so on.


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September 11, 2013

Some days ago, I saw a wholesome collection of organic foods which were showcased in a company.  There were only 3 companies that participated but there were so many products on display and I felt like I had walked into someone’s kitchen. 

Akshayakalpa, a company that manufactures and sells organic milk, curd, ghee, butter, khoa and paneer, kept samples of their organic buttermilk and the visitors couldn’t stop drinking it.  It was so delicious!

24 Mantra had displayed almost every dry ingredient that is used in the kitchen – grains, millets, dals, spices, honey, sugar, jaggery, juices and breakfast cereals – all organic!  Visitors were surprised to know that there was such a wide variety of organic foods in the market!

Buffalo Back, which grows and sells organic vegetables and seasonal fruits, was a crowd-puller.  I had not seen such fresh and clean greens in a long time!  The vegetables were not only fresh but also were cleaned well before selling……what a bonus!

Do try the organic foods sometime.  You might end up eating only those because it’s good for your health and the health of our planet!


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