Breast Cancer In India
August 10, 2013

A relative of mine was recently diagnosed of breast cancer.  Apart from obesity, there were no known risk factors.  While discussing her illness with an oncologist friend of mine, I was shocked to hear that this oncologist sees about 30 new cases of cancer every month!  Can you imagine the number of cancer cases in Bangalore and India each year?

According to statistics, one out of every 20 women in India is likely to develop breast cancer.  This is more prevalent in urban women than rural women.  Risks for breast cancer include gender (women), age over 40, family history, early puberty or late menopause, prolonged use of contraceptives or hormone therapies, excess weight, high fat diet and less physical activity.

The good news is that if detected early, the chances of cure are higher.  Self breast examination plays a very important role in early detection.  Examine your breasts every month, and get them clinically examined by your gynaecologist at least once every 3 years.

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