Do Canines Detect Human Stress?
November 7, 2013

Last week I had a very interesting conversation with Sindhoor Pangal, a Canine family Coach & Behaviorist educated in Norway.  Her adoration for dogs took her overseas from Bangalore to learn and understand canine behavior and to help other dog-owners and dogs in distress.  She’s probably one of the very few such professionals in our country. 

Her work involves demystifying the communication between dogs and humans.  Dogs can read human emotions and are great at identifying what makes us happy.  They also offer us solace when they sense our sadness or stresses.  But we are not in a position to receive this either because we are incapable of reading them or we are not in a mental position to do so.  When their efforts fail, the dogs get stressed.  So, in a way, they are reflecting our stress.  This is when a canine behaviorist steps in and identifies the real problem.  This can perhaps help to discover our own stresses and lead us to a path of de-stress.

No wonder, dogs are called ‘man’s best friend’.  If you are a dog lover or if any of your family members, friends or neighbours own dogs, you might want to contact Sindhoor Pangal.   She also runs classes apart from offering consultations.  For more information go to her website