Squatting In The Toilet
October 4, 2013

I recently received an email which gave a link to a you tube video on benefits of squatting in the toilet.  Here’s the link –

Although the above video is also an advertisement for a toilet gadget, it made me wonder how many of us Indians continue to use the old-fashioned toilets versus the modern toilets.  Unfortunately, not many of us have access to the Indian toilets or even if we do, some people cannot use it because of joint pains or some other health problem.

Good old Indian toilets have health benefits –

  1. They are more hygienic because the skin contact to the toilet surface is minimal.
  2. The squat position puts better pressure for evacuation of bowels, and helps to reduce constipation.
  3. Squatting relaxes the muscles in the rectum helping in complete evacuation.
  4. This position can also help to keep the knee joints, ankles and legs more flexible.

A few doctors in the western countries have started to suggest using the squatting position for better bowel health.

Try to squat every now and then; it will help!