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May 19, 2017

Oats have become a regular breakfast item in many households.  With a variety of Indian flavours and options available in the market, oats are no longer considered a ‘western’ food.  oats

Do oats contain gluten?  Can oats be eaten by celiac disease patients or those who have gluten sensitivity?

Oats do not contain gluten.  Gluten, a plant protein, is found in wheat, rye and barley.  Oats sometimes get contaminated with gluten if they are cultivated near gluten-containing crops.  That’s why, oats are in the ‘avoid’ list for those who cannot tolerate gluten.

Oats are best avoided by those who have celiac disease.  But if you are sensitive to gluten without celiac disease, you could try oats in small quantities to begin with.

Oats are rich in soluble fibre, manganese, phosphorus and magnesium.  Include oats in your meal plan at least once a week, to add variety and nutrition.

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March 23, 2013

During one of my consultations, I learnt that gluten-free breads are baked and sold in Bangalore.  I spoke to the owner of this bakery, Ms Shweta Muthanna and she said that she has been making gluten-free, lactose-free breads for a couple of years now.  She also prepares cakes, buns and cookies that are gluten-free.  Her products are made-to-order as of now and she plans to open a sales outlet later this year.

With the number of gluten-intolerant persons growing in Bangalore, this would be useful for your friends / family, if not for you.  If you’re interested in gluten-free breads, call Shweta on +91 9845869109.

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February 19, 2013

I came across a news item recently that mentioned the top 5 diet trends for 2013 in the US.  The article said that the trends have been derived from a nationwide survey answered by 200 registered dietitians.

Here are the 5 diet trends –

  1. Natural and simple foods with few ingredients and minimally processed are ‘in’.  Low carb is ‘out’.
  2. To lose weight, consumers will look for wheat belly / gluten free diets along with commercial diet programs.
  3. Dietitians, social media and smart phone apps are the top 3 resources for nutrition advice.
  4. Consumers will focus on eating high quality calories. It’s not about the total calorie intake but where the calories are coming from.
  5. Fruits and veggies remain king.  Consumers will look to include more plant based foods in their diets.

My take on this – most of these trends can be applied for Indians too.  However, I would not go with commercial diet programs or gluten free diet plans as a means to lose weight.  If you’re looking to lose weight, approach a qualified dietitian for help.

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