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April 28, 2017

Hi Friends.  Of late, there have been many queries and concerns regarding nutritionists giving messages on various social media groups.  To make matters clear, the Indian Dietetic Association which celebrates Dietetics Day on January 10 of every year, brought out the theme “Consult a Dietitian – Get Fooducated” in 2017. Fortunately for our members, the theme and it’s related articles in the media went viral and a number of people realised that it’s important to consult a qualified dietitian or a qualified nutritionist to ensure that they receive correct advise based on scientific evidence.

Here’s the link to a short video (1.2 minutes) that I made on the theme – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk3q4sXBC1M

Do feel free to share the video and this post.

I’ll be back soon with nutrition updates.  Have a super day and a great weekend!

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March 16, 2013

I loved the recent statement made by the President of Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (formerly known as American Dietetic Association), Ethan Bergman.  He said “All Registered Dietitians are Nutritionists but not all Nutritionists are Registered Dietitians”.

Although registration is not yet mandatory for all practicing dietitians in India, it’s only a matter of time for this to happen.  Basically the registration process separates the qualified dietitians and nutritionists from the quacks, semi-qualified and unqualified ‘nutritionists’.  This difference can matter a lot to the health and well being of the public.

If you need professional help with your food / diet / nutrition, approach a qualified person.

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